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About G-I-N

The Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) has the world's largest international guideline library. It is a Network of individual and organisations interested in guidelines. The vision of G-I-N is to lead the field of guideline development and implementation.


The Guidelines International network, G-I-N, is a global network, founded in 2002. It has grown to comprise 103 organisations and 156 individual members representing 47 countries from all continents (February 2017). The network supports evidence-based health care and improved health outcomes by reducing inappropriate variation throughout the world.

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Trustees Bio

Includes bio of past and present trustees

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Official documents

Here you will find the official Memorandum and Articles of Association for G-I-N, as well as our published annual reports going back to 2003. The "Articles" contain the formal documentation that dictates how the network is governed.

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Promotional Material

Here you will find current promotional material that may be used to publicise G-I-N, either electronically or at conferences and events.

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