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The Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) is managed by a Board of Trustees elected by its membership.

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring that G-I-N complies with charity law and the requirements of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

The organisation of G-I-N also includes an Executive Committee, whose role it is to manage and implement strategy as agreed by the Board.

The Executive committee is currently made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and the Executive Officer.

The Board of Trustees is supported by:



Since 2009 the G-I-N Board of Trustees has also been supported by subcommittees. Initially those were:

  • Conferences and promotion
  • Membership
  • Finance and risks

In September 2012, the Conferences & Promotion committee became the Conference committee and two additional committees were added during the 2012-13 term of the Board:

  • Strategy (dissolved March 2014)
  • Marketing & Communication (dissolved August 2014)

These sub-committees provide advice to the Board on specific matters and have delegated power to take decisions on some areas when a set of previously agreed conditions is met.

In October 2015, the Board took the decision to dissolve the Finance and Risks committee.

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The Guidelines International Network is formally constituted as a Scottish Guarantee Company under Company Number SC243691 and recognised as a Scottish Charity under Scottish Charity Number SC034047 with its Registered Office at J. & H. Mitchell W.S., 51 Atholl Road, Pitlochry, Perthshire PH16 5BU, Scotland.

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