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Amir Qaseem, MD, PhD, MHA, FACP

G-I-N Chair from 2012/2013 and 2013/14; Member of the G-I-N Board of Trustees since 2010/2011; Member of the G-I-N Conference Scientific Committee 2010, 2012 and 2016

Amir Qaseem is Director of the Department of Clinical Policy at the American College of Physicians (ACP). Dr Qaseem is responsible for leading the American College of Physicians' evidence-based medicine and clinical practice guidelines program, one of the oldest programs in the United States, writing of the clinical guidelines, and overseeing the College’s Clinical Guidelines Committee. Dr Qaseem is also in charge of directing the ACP's Performance Measurement program and is responsible for ACP’s Performance Measurement Committee. His work includes development and implementation of ACP’s quality improvement and educational programs. Dr Qaseem is also involved in several international collaborations to develop joint clinical guidelines and improve quality of care across different countries. Dr Qaseem was affiliated with the Pennsylvania State University where he taught courses on health policy, medical epidemiology and health care medical needs. Dr Qaseem is currently affiliated with the Jefferson Medical College.

Dr Qaseem is currently working on several research projects funded through grants. His research interests include improving quality of clinical care and implementation of clinical guidelines using evidence-based information, comparative effectiveness, and cost effectiveness analysis, practice improvement, studying impact of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement on supply of various health care services, level of staffing and team-based approach and its linkage with the quality of care issues. Dr Qaseem has published several peer-reviewed papers including clinical practice guidelines, implementation of clinical guidelines, quality improvement, performance measurement and health policy related issues. Some of the papers authored by Dr Qaseem are in the top ten most read articles in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Dr Qaseem has been invited to speak and has presented at numerous national and international conferences on issues related to health policy, evidence-based medicine, guideline development, guideline and evidence grading, and topics associated with access and quality of care. Dr Qaseem is also on Governance Boards and committees of various organisations.

Vision for G-I-N over the next 5 years

Words from Dr Qaseem:

G-I-N offers a tremendous opportunity for international collaboration among medical societies and guideline developers to pool resources, exchange knowledge, and learn from experts around the world working towards the common goal of advancing evidence-based medicine. I will bring my experience as a guideline developer and in quality and practice improvement at the American College of Physicians, the largest medical specialty organisation in the United States, to help G-I-N become a premiere global player in the field of evidence-based medicine. I would like to focus on the following key areas in the coming years:

  1. delivering value of G-I-N to current members
  2. increasing the membership of G-I-N
  3. core business especially financial stability and growth of G-I-N

I would like to see G-I-N become a key resource organisation in standardising guideline development processes and provide guidance to its members about guideline implementation strategies as we all agree that guidelines are the first step in improving quality. I would work towards G-I-N taking a leadership role in standardising systematic review and guideline development methodology, adopting a guideline grading policy and address information technology related issues impacting implementation of guidelines that can be adapted by guideline developers around the world. I am interested in working towards G-I-N providing a venue to explore various strategies to increase collaborations between various member societies such as developing joint international guidelines on common clinical topics.

I would like to see an improved G-I-N website so that it is not only a dissemination site but also becomes a communication site for members and non-members. This will be an ideal way to stay connected since G-I-N is a true international organisation with members spread around the globe. I am also very keen on communicating and promoting the message of G-I-N to all continents especially the Americas and would identify new ways and means for all of us to work together to increase G-I-N's membership by enrolling new members as well as retaining current members. I would work on exploring new opportunities and expanding G-I-N's portfolio of programs, products, and services. These include improving the annual meeting and exploring alternates such as regional meetings.


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