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Programme at a glance


Plenary I - Knowledge transfer between countries
Guideline implementation I Guidelines crossing borders I Use of guidelines Quality and updating of guidelines Guidelines and patient involvement I WS: Evidence tables: How to make the data shareable WS: Improving participation of health allied professionals and nurses in guideline development
implementation II
Guidelines and decision makers Guidelines and quality indicators I WS: Search filter testing: achievements
thus far and next steps
for the future
WS: Evidence cross borders - can guidelines
do the same
WS: Engaging with consumers around the world - learning from the challenges and achievements of the Cochrane Collaboration Consumer Network WS: AGREE II - A training introduction to AGREE II
Plenary II - Developments in guideline development
Informal meeting on implementation


Plenary III - Patients and guidelines
Guideline “Quilt“ National guideline programs I Dealing with uncertainty Developing guidelines WS: AGREE II - Train the trainer WS: Implementation of shared decision making.
Integrating patient preferences in clinical practice guidelines. “Thou shalt“ or “you choose“: Evidence
medicine meets
preference-sensitive care
WS: Using the GRADE approach in osteoporosis guideline development:
application and
interpretation of indirectnes
Guidelines: Theoretical and ethical perspectives National guideline programs II Evidence and quality in guidelines Guidelines crossing borders II WS: What tools in the toolbox? Supporting effective patient and public involvement in guidelines WS: Integrating
evidence and
related to health
allied professionals
and nurses in multidisciplinary clinical guidelines
WS: A quality-drive, pragmatic approach to crafting guideline action statements and evidence profiles
G-I-N Annual General Meeting
Gala diner


Plenary IV - Guidelines, policies and politics
implementation III
Guidelines and quality
indicators II
Guidelines and patient
involvement II
WS: Indicators: the power of measuring -
scaring or caring
WS: Proactive clinical guideline development
using systems approach
WS: Towards more
efficient guideline
development and
experiences with the use of the ADAPTE process
Designing and testing a programme for multidisciplinary guideline development
Final speaker and closing ceremony

Scientific Committee

Minna Kaila October 2008

Minna Kaila (Chair),


Foto Dr Tristan_2009.jpg

Mario Tristan,

Costa Rica

Lorne Becker

Lorne Becker,


Jako Burgers October 2008

Jako Burgers,


Cesar Carcamo

Cesar Carcamo Quezada,


Airton Stein

Airton Stein,


Keng Ho Pwee

Keng Ho Pwee,


Hayfaa Wahbi November 2009

Hayfaa Wahabi,


Ignacio Marin

Ignacio Marin,


Catherine Marshall October 2008

Catherine Marshall,

New Zealand

Najoua Mlika-Cabanne October 2008

Najoua Mlika-Cabanne,


Alan Pearson

Alan Pearson,


Holger Schünemann

Holger Schunemann,


Safia Qureshi October 2008

Safia Qureshi,


Magali Remy-Stockinger

Magali Remy-Stockinger,


Cristina Sampaio,


Cindy Farquhar

Cindy Farquhar,

New Zealand

Filipe Basto

Filipe Basto,


Taïna Mäntyranta,


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