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Plenary sessions

Access a number of the plenary sessions presentations.

Plenary 1: "10 years of G-I-N: Lessons learned and future vision"

Moderator: Kopp I

    • Opening Plenary - Ollenschläger G, Marshall C, Mäkelä M, Davis D, Slutsky J, Burgers J, Twaddle S, Kaila M, van der Wees P
    • Audio

Plenary 2: "One guideline methodology for all?"

Moderators: Gaitan H, Kredo T

Plenary 3: "Do guidelines make a difference?"

Moderators: Phillips S, Shiffman R

    Plenary 4: "Patient involvement in guideline development"

    Moderators: Gracia J, van der Wees P

    Plenary 5: "Knowledge Translation 2020"

    Moderators: Forland F, Huckson S

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