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Rotation of the conferences

Following a decision of the Board in 2011 to more strategically use the G-I-N conference, the Trustees discussed the possibility to set a rotation scheme for hosting of the conferences in the various regions of the globe. After considering a set of options, the Board decided that a three-year rotation scheme would enable:

  • equity between the regions
  • communication about the Network and its activities throughout the world
  • recruitment of new members to the Network while remaining attractive to current members
  • keeping the interest of participants and providing them with adequate opportunities of participation

The rotation model agreed upon is as follows:

Considering this rotation model and the location of the past G-I-N conferences: North America in 2010, Asia in 2011, Europe in 2012, North America in 2013, G-I-N 2014 in Australia, G-I-N 2015 in Europe, G-I-N 2016 in North America, the G-I-N 2017 conference should take place outside of Europe and North America.

A subgroup of the Board further reviewed the policies for hosting G-I-N conferences and the distribution of responsibilities between G-I-N and the hosts of the conferences. This led to the development of a bidding process for the hosting of future G-I-N conferences. The model has been in place since 2011 i.e. the selection of the host for G-I-N 2012.

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