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This section of the G-I-N website provides access to the International Guideline Library, development and training resources, relevant literature, health topic collection, relevant links and additional tools. While some of the resources can be accessed by everyone many of them are restricted to members only.

International Guideline Library

The International Guideline Library contains more than 6,000 guidelines, evidence reports and related documents at November 2016, which have mainly been developed or endorsed by organisational members of G-I-N. In September 2015, the Board of Trustees made the decision to allow non-member organisations to have their guidelines included in the library, for a fee.

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Relevant Links

The purpose of the Relevant Links is to provide a meaningful selection of hyperlinks guiding the users to a range of additional information for those interested in the development, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of clinical practice guidelines, especially from an international perspective. It includes in particular: Guideline Information, Evidence and Quality in Health Care, and Patient and Consumer Resources.

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Since January 2012, G-I-N has worked with various partners to offer a monthly webinar series to explore issues of interest to the G-I-N community.

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G-I-N Presentations

Here you will find copies of presentations that have been made at conferences on behalf of G-I-N.

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G-I-N Publications

From time to time, the Board receives questions from the members to provide guidance in particularly tricky or contentious areas. Where a consistent need for specific guidance is established, the board, or a subset of Trustees will collaborate to write a paper on the topic to address the issue.

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Page last updated: Nov 10, 2016
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