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G-I-N Publications

From time to time, the Board receives questions from the members to provide guidance in particularly tricky or contentious areas. Where a consistent need for specific guidance is established, the board, or a subset of Trustees will collaborate to write a paper on the topic to address the issue.

Publications by the G-I-N Board of Trustees

February 2012

The G-I-N Board of Trustees published a paper in the Systematic Reviews journal on Prospective systematic review registration: perspective from the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N)


April 2012

The G-I-N Board of Trustees published a paper in Annals of Internal Medicine on the Standards for Clinical Practice Guidelines development.


October 2015

In October 2015, the Board published a paper on one particular standard, again in  Annals of Internal Medicine, entitled:  “G-I-N: Principles for Disclosure of Interests and Management of Conflicts in Guidelines”

This paper was launched at the G-I-N 2015 conference in Amsterdam, where Amir Qaseem, MD and Prof Holger Schuenemann delivered a plenary presentation on the topic. The presentation slides are available here G-I-N CoI Policy - Plenary Presentation



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