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Webinar: Involving Consumers in Guideline Development: A Case Study

This webinar, containing the presentation slides, is now available. Downloading, copying, reusing, or distributing this document is not permissible.

This informative webinar focused on how a GIN/NA member organisation, the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS), successfully involves consumer representatives in its development of clinical practice guidelines.  Dr. Richard Rosenfeld discussed how AAO-HNS:

1) plans for consumer involvement;

2) selects consumer representatives;

3) orients consumer representatives to the guideline development process;

4) integrates representatives into the overall guideline development panel.

Dr. Barbara Warren discussed her motivations, expectations and experience as the consumer representative on the AAO-HNS Allergic Rhinitis guideline development panel, focusing on what worked/didn't work, and what guideline organisations can do to better involve and work with consumers on guideline panels.

Stephanie Jones outlined the process AAO-HNSF uses to recruit consumer participants on guideline panels. As well, she identified guideline development training resources available to their consumer volunteers, mostly through Consumers United for Evidence-Based Healthcare (CUE). She also shared her organisation's methods of, and learning from, engagement of consumer participants.

Recording of the webinar

Involving Consumers in Guideline Development: A Case Study

Webinar Presentation

Powerpoint Slides for the Consumers in Guideline Development Webinar - Stephanie Jones Presentation

Powerpoint Slides for the Consumers in Guideline Development Webinar - Rich Rosenfeld Presentation

Powerpoint Slides for the Consumers in Guideline Development Webinar - Barbara Warren Presentation

  • Sep 29, 2014
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  • Webinar
  • 1:30 hours
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Richard Rosenfeld, MD

Professor, Chairman and Program Director of Otolaryngology, SUNY Downstate
Editor-in-Chief, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Senior Advisor for Guidelines and Quality, AAO-HNS
Chair-Emeritus, G-I-N/North America

Barbara Warren, PsyD, CASAC, CPP
Director, LGBT Programs and Policies, Office for Diversity and Inclusion
Mount Sinai Health System, New York City
Member, Steering Group, Consumers United for Evidence-Based Healthcare (CUE)

Peg Ford

Co-Founder/President, Ovarian Cancer Alliance of San Diego (OCA)
Member, Consumers United for Evidence-Based Healthcare (CUE)
Consumer Reviewer, Cochrane Gynecological and Orphan Cancer Group, UK
Member, G-I-N/North America Steering Group

Learning Objectives:
The objectives of this webinar are:
1.  Describe who, what, when and how to include informed and involved consumers in guideline panels.
2.  Learn how to recruit, select and prepare appropriate consumer representatives for involvement in guideline development, and what steps to take to prepare all panel members to ensure successful consumer integration.
3.  Understand the consumers’ perspective, why they want to be involved, and the benefits of including the consumer voice in guideline development.


1:30 hours Time
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