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Feedback from G-I-N's Membership survey

Some results from the survey that will help the Board in taking action during the following year and in formulating the soon to be updated strategy.

As usual, every member had a chance to respond to the annual survey, and sincere thanks are due to those who did. We got in all 50 responses (30 from Europe; 40 from organizational members), which will help the Board in taking action during the following year and in formulating the soon to be updated strategy. To make responding quick and easy, we asked five questions with structured alternative answers and space for free commenting. Nine in ten respondents say that the membership benefits meet expectations, with comments of having received much help with and on the other hand needing more re guideline production. On listing the specific outputs or products of G-I-N (cf. figure) the Guideline Library and the annual conference were deemed most useful (rated 5). We have improved the way we update the relevant literature section on the website (in enGINe), with weekly updates making use of an automatically updated search strategy, and the respondents consider this section almost as useful as the networking opportunities via G-I-N. The grey portions may mostly indicate how well known these products are, with room for improvement for the Allied health and Emergency care Communities as well as the newcomer North American Community. An alternative very plausible explanation is that these are and can only be useful to a subgroup of members.


Chart G-I-N survey.jpg

Free comments indicate a need to get on with GINDER, maybe start a blog, improve access to the website, and need for more conferences with specific training targets. The open question about decision making within G-I-N proved difficult to understand and answer we are sorry to say.


These results are valuable for the Board as well as the membership committee, and will be used!

If you have any feedback or questions about the survey feel free to contact us:

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