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Africa Glows within the Network


The recently set up African community of the Guidelines International Network was very active in Amsterdam! With 6 oral presentations, 6 poster presentations and 1 keynote lecture on issues relevant to Africa the community is showing off its potentials. The African community was represented by 7 delegates from Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Tunisia, Nigeria and South Africa.

The conference provided an opportunity for critique of the community both from within and without the continent. Feedback during the conference was very useful in reshaping the objectives and strategies of the community to better engage the right stakeholders to address African issues the right way.

At the end of the conference the community was able to identify key stakeholders to engage with, these include funders, governments and ministries of health, patient groups, clinicians and researchers. They also identified the need to learn lessons from the South African experience which was rich in evidence of approaches that work or do not work for promoting use of guidelines.

Amongst partners that the community will plan to collaborate with were the South African Cochrane Centre (SACC), the collaboration for Evidence Based health Care for Africa (CEBHA), and The Centre for Development of Best Practices for Health (CDBPH). The G-I-N board was also identified as potential structure to support the community both morally and financially.

The community also identified needs for capacity building in key knowledge translation process (AGREE, GRADE and ADAPTE), research and knowledge sharing on approaches for engaging key stakeholders like ministries of health and patients.

The community also suggested a need to reconsider fees for organisational members from low and middle income countries and the number of members from the organisation who can have access to G-I-N benefits. For example, if we encouraged a ministry of health to become an organisational member the healthcare workers employed within this ministry should be able to have access to G-I-N benefits.

The keynote lecture on guidelines in Africa which was well attended also showcased the situation of guidelines in Africa with some countries doing better off than others.

The African community is planning for even more surprises for Philadelphia 2016!


Patrick Mbah Okwen

Centre For Development of Best Practices in Health (CDBPH), Cameroon

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