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G-I-N North America (NA)

G-I-N North America (G-I-N/NA) is a regional community of clinical practice guideline developers, users and other stakeholders from Canada, Mexico and the United States of America who are interested in improving the effectiveness, rigor and efficiency of guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, implementation and performance measurement. Through a series of educational webinars, regional training conferences, social media and special events, G-I-N/NA facilitates discussion, partnerships, collaboration and ongoing information sharing within the North American guideline community.

About G-I-N North America

As one of the Guideline International Network’s regional communities, G-I-N/NA enhances and promotes relationships between G-I-N and the North American guideline community, interacts with other G-I-N regional communities and workgroups, encourages membership in G-I-N.

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Use this form to join the mailing list and obtain information on G-I-N North America monthly webinars and other activities.

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