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Members & Governance

How is G-I-N Arab organised?

G-I-N Arab Members

Noted below are names and contact details of members of the G-I-N Arab Steering Group:

NameEmail address
Lubna Al-Ansary (Chair)
Samia Al-Habib
Noha Dashash
Sue Huckson
Catherine Marshall
Zohra Mhambi
Per Olav Vandvik
Holger Schunemann


The below named are organisational and individual G-I-N members from Arab Region.

Current members as at July 2016 are:

Organisational MembersLocation
Chair of Evidence-based Healthcare and Knowledge translation, College of Medicine, King Saud University Saudi Arabia
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences Saudi Arabia
INAsanté Tunisia


Individual member nameEmail addressTunisia
Zeinab Elsayed Egypt
Abuabaker Saeed  Saudi Arabia


 Role of G-I-N Arab members:

  • Guide the strategic development of the G-I-N Arab Regional Community
  • Identify and prioritise topics or projects that, based on the best available knowledge, could enhance regional guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, or implementation and performance measurement
  • Ensure synergy and communication between the G-I-N Arab and other regional communities
  • Advise on future direction for growing and strengthening the Community



Individuals can volunteer or be nominated for a position on the G-I-N Arab Steering Group if they are (a) an individual or organisational member of G-I-N and (b) have experience, knowledge, and interest in guideline-related activities. Appointments are for 2 years, renewable once.

What are the benefits of joining G-I-N?

  • Regional and international collaboration with people who have a common interest in clinical practice guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, implementation and performance measurement
  • Access to a sounding board for feedback on concerns, issues, or obstacles
  • Ability to share best practices and to network with other G-I-N groups and communities
  • Access to the world’s largest guideline library, with over 6,000 entries
  • Ability to promote your group in the G-I-N newsletter and on the G-I-N website

Must I become a G-I-N member to participate in G-I-N Arab activities?

You can  subscribe to the G-I-N mailing list as a non-member to get acquainted with our activities, which we hope will convince you to become an active G-I-N member. G-I-N membership confers significant benefits that include access to resources, working groups, development tools, a newsletter, the guideline library, and discounted registration fees for G-I-N conferences. Full members can interact and network with the international G-I-N community to exchange ideas, receive advice, and avoid duplicating efforts.



The Steering Group meets via teleconference as required, with ongoing e-mail contact for issues arising in the interim. An in-person Steering Group meeting occurs at the annual G-I-N Conference.

Page last updated: Jan 11, 2017
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