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Members & Governance

How is G-I-N Iberoamerica organised?

G-I-N Iberoamerica Members

The following members form the G-I-N Iberoamerica Community:

NameEmail address
Rodrigo Pardo Turriago (Chair)
Marcela Torres
Airton Stein
Wanderley Bernardo
Ignacio Marin
Eduardo Briones
Antonio Vaz Carneiro
Amir Qaseem (G-I-N Board Liaison)

Role of G-I-N Iberoamerica members:

  • Guide the strategic development of the G-I-N Iberoamerica Regional Community
  • Identify and prioritise topics or projects that, based on the best available knowledge, could enhance regional guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, or implementation and performance measurement
  • Ensure synergy and communication between the G-I-N Iberoamerica and other regional communities
  • Advise on future direction for growing and strengthening the Community



Individuals can volunteer or be nominated for a position on the G-I-N Iberoamerica Steering Group if they are (a) an individual or organisational member of G-I-N and (b) have experience, knowledge, and interest in guideline-related activities. Appointments are for 2 years, renewable once.

What are the benefits of joining G-I-N?

  • Regional and international collaboration with people who have a common interest in clinical practice guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, implementation and performance measurement
  • Access to a sounding board for feedback on concerns, issues, or obstacles
  • Ability to share best practices and to network with other G-I-N groups and communities
  • Access to the world’s largest guideline library, with over 6,000 entries
  • Ability to promote your group in the G-I-N newsletter and on the G-I-N website

Must I become a G-I-N member to participate in G-I-N Iberoamerica activities?

You can  subscribe to the G-I-N mailing list as a non-member to get acquainted with our activities, which we hope will convince you to become an active G-I-N member. G-I-N membership confers significant benefits that include access to resources, working groups, development tools, a newsletter, the guideline library, and discounted registration fees for G-I-N conferences. Full members can interact and network with the international G-I-N community to exchange ideas, receive advice, and avoid duplicating efforts.



The Steering Group meets via teleconference as required, with ongoing e-mail contact for issues arising in the interim. An in-person Steering Group meeting occurs at the annual G-I-N Conference.

Page last updated: Oct 04, 2017
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