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Accelerated Guideline Development Overview


What is accelerated guideline development?

Accelerated guideline development is a way to produce clinical practice guidelines or recommendations in a short amount time, six months or less, without losing in scientific quality.

Rationale for accelerated guideline development 

Producing clinical practice guidelines requires substantial time (usually 12 months or more), expertise (not so easy to find) and resources (in constant decrease). First, guidelines producers have struggled to develop high-quality clinical practice guidelines, from the analysis of the literature to the constitution of the working and peer-review groups. The AGREE instrument have been a true help for the guidelines producers regarding this point – even if the tool is about evaluating; it is also a good reminder for developing best practice guidelines.  The ADAPTE manual has assisted in this task. It is an interesting tool which allows the reduction in the duration of the guideline development. The pressure of the public authorities and clinicians for having guidelines developed in a short amount of time, i.e. six months or less, is so strong in a fast-paced society that the community of the guidelines producers have to find an answer quickly in order to meet demands.  

Aims of the Accelerated Guideline Development Working Group

The aim of the Accelerated Guideline Development Working Group is to provide a method for helping the G-I-N-members to develop guidelines in an accelerated time frame, i.e. 6 months or less.  

Targets for 2015

-       February : conduct the first survey

-       March – April : create the second survey building on the responses from the first one

-       May - June : conduct of the second survey

-       July - September: developing the framework of the manual based on feedback from the second survey

-       October 2015: presentation of the framework of the AGD manual and discussion with the audience

-       December 2015: First version of the AGD Manual available on the G-I-N website


The Accelerated Guideline Development Working Group has been scheduled for the next G-I-N conference in Amsterdam in October.  All G-I-N members are welcome to join us.

If you are interested in participating in the activities of the Accelerated Guideline Development Working Group, please contact us on the page of the Project Board on the G-I-N website or contact the G-I-N Office by emailing

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