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Members & Governance

Steering Committee



  • Michel Laurence,  Haute Autorité  de santé, France (email:


  • Pascale Jonckheer,  Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre, Belgium (email:

Further members:

Members of the Accelerated Guideline Development Working Group

All members of G-I-N are welcome to join the AGD Working Group. Current members as at May 2015 are:


Email address


Brian Alper

EBSCOHealth/DynaMed USA

Graciela Balbin

Peruvian National Institute Of Health, Peru

Sophie Blanchard

Haute Autorité de Santé, France

Emmy de Buck

Belgian Red cross, Flandres

Veronica Dean

European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

Kees Ebben

Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland IKNL - (Comprehensive Cancer Centre of the Netherlands)

Stephanie Goodrick

National Health & Medical Research Council, Australia

Joe Han

American Academy Of Otolaryngology - Head And Neck Surgery Foundation, USA

Sue Huckson

Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, Australia

Ina Kopp

Philipps-University, Marburg

Joey Kwong

Chinese Evidence-Based Medicine Center

Tacila Mega

Brazilian Ministry of Health

Danielle Meije

Trimbos Institut, Netherlands

Zohra Mhamdi


Susan Norris

Guidelines Review Committee Secretariat, World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland

Dominique Paulus

Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre, Belgium

Holger Schunemann

McMaster University

Fang Sun

American College of Physicians

Brita Tendal

Danish Health and Medicines Authority , Denmark

António Vaz Carneiro

Faculdade de Medicina Lisboa

Eefje Verhoof

Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland IKNL, Netherlands

Joan Vlayen

Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre, Belgium

Sandra Zelman Lewis

Doctor Evidence, USA

Elizabeth Matovinovic


Markus Follman

German Guideline Program in Oncology

Beth Shaw



The goal of this international steering committee will be to develop the material based on the input of the working group, to test it in collaboration with this group and to disseminate locally the AGD manual when it will be ready to use.

The term for Chair will be two years.  The Chair will be eligible for re-appointment after their first tenure.  However, the immediate past Chair may remain as an ordinary committee member for a subsequent year, where deemed appropriate for continuity.  The term of members will be 3 years. Members must rotate off the committee after a maximum of 2 terms.    

 You can contact the WG chairs at:

Page last updated: Jul 26, 2017
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