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Guideline adaptation is the systematic approach to the endorsement and/or modification of a guideline(s) produced in one cultural and organisational setting for application in a different context. Adaptation may be used as an alternative to de novo guideline development, e.g., for customising (an) existing guideline(s) to suit the local context.

Introduction to the G-I-N Adaptation Working Group

The G-I-N Board of Trustees established the Adaptation Working Group in August 2010, following the completion of the work of the ADAPTE Collaboration (see History).

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History of the ADAPTE Collaboration

The ADAPTE Collaboration (2006-2010) was an international collaboration of researchers, guideline developers, and guideline implementers who aimed to promote the development and use of clinical practice guidelines through the adaptation of existing guidelines. The group’s main endeavour was to develop and validate a generic adaptation process that aims to foster valid and high-quality adapted guidelines as well as the users’ sense of ownership of the adapted guideline.

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