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We have a spreadsheet capturing the different tools and what they can do and at what stage of the guideline enterprise.


There are different software solutions that support different aspects of guideline development. This is a factor of both the market and also best practice in the world of software development that suggests large software products that try to do too much become unwieldy, expensive and often fail to meet users needs. However, with many options the decision of which tools to adopt can be challenging.

Spreadsheet showing the different tools

The different tools and what they can do can be viewed in a spreadsheet. We will be keeping this up to date but would appreciate your feedback on any ways that this could be more helpful for you or if some desirable information seems to be missing. If you know of tools that are missing, please let us know.

Overview of data models

We hope that G-I-N Tech will provide a focus for discussing improvements to the tools to make them more useful to G-I-N members and to aid the sharing of data between the various tools, and provide a focus for discussions with tool developers and the guideline development community. A number of useful resources and tools with an overview of data models is available.

Page last updated: May 25, 2017
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