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About the LMIC

Working Group Aims:

  • To develop a network of people and institutions in developed and developing countries sharing a common goal to enhance health-care in developing countries
  • To support activities targeted towards understanding the process of guideline development and utilisation in developing countries
  • To explore methods to promote guideline development, adaptation, dissemination, implementation and research within developing countries


Strategies proposed to achieve these aims:

  • Explore how the available G-I-N resources (materials, products, personnel) can be best used to support overall G-I-N goals in developing countries
  • Identify methods for adoption and/or adaption of guideline recommendations in resource constrained settings
  • Identify opportunities for research and building the knowledge base specifically related to aspects of guideline development and implementation
  • Provide mentorship for guideline developers and implementers in resource constrained settings
  • Organise and promote events within the annual G-I-N conference
  • Interact with G-I-N working groups to encourage feedback and avoid duplication of effort
  • Promote capacity building in guidelines adaptation and development through workshops, lectures and mentorships in resource constrained settings.
  • Support regional meetings within resource constrained settings.


Planned activities for 2017

  • Capacity building activities:
    • Irene Maweu (Kenya) will be working within the Africa Community to hold a Workshop in February 2017.  The objectives of the workshop are to bring together the Africa Community members and other stakeholders like Ministry of health and WHO representative, to discuss i) GIN Africa Community strategy,  ii) Guidelines Contextualisation and iii) Learn about some tools for evaluating the CPGs.
    • Chrishantha Abeysena (Sri Lanka) is organising a Workshop on Clinical Guideline development, Dissemination and Implementation, at Colombo (Sri Lanka) during March 30-31 2017. Dr. Abeysena and Dr. J L Mathew will facilitate the Workshop. This capacity building programme is designed to promote evidence-based GL development applicable to the local context.
    • Zeinab Elsayed (Egypt) will be holding a workshop for development of oncology guidelines at her institution.
    • Denny John and Joseph Mathew (India) are planning a Guideline Development Workshop incorporating elements of best evidence, health technology assessment and economic evaluation. The workshop is planned in India during the final quarter of 2017.
  •  Update and Extension of the G-I-N LMIC WG 2015 survey and publication
  •  Contributions to the Global Evidence Summit (more details will follow).


How will this group work together?

  • Where feasible web based forums will be used eg  Skype, Linkedin and Twitter
  • Teleconference Two to three times each year
  • The face to face meeting will be planned for at the annual G-I-N Conferences


How to join?

G-I-N members who are interested in joining the WG or any of the sub-groups, should write to: indicating the topic they are most interested in, and they will be added to the respective email list.

LMIC 2015

 Group members meeting at the 2015 conference in Amsterdam.


Page last updated: Feb 06, 2017
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