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    This resources page focuses on the intersection between clinical practice guidelines and multimorbidity.  If you would like to suggest additional websites, pdfs of presentations, or papers that could be part of this website, please email Ilkka Kunnamo at  While we welcome all suggestions, given that there are websites, presentations and papers that are focused on multimorbidity, and the same for guidelines,  resources that clearly address the intersection of both will be the primary focus of this website.  Suggestions will be reviewed and sent on to the G-I-N webmaster for posting in batches several times per year.

    Key points:

    • Currently, these links to resources will be available to G-I-N members only after login.
    • For presentations, permission to post pdf version on the G-I-N website must be obtained from the primary author.  If this is the same person as the nominator, we may require email confirmation that permission has been granted.
    • For papers, if the paper is publicly available to all, we will provide both a  link to the pubmed citation, as well as a link to the pdf at the original (journal) website.  If it is not publicly available directly from the journal website, we will provide a link to the pubmed citation.




        G-I-N 2016 Presentations

        Presentations on multimorbidity at G-I-N Philadelphia 2016

        Multimorbidity WG panel:


        Please find below a list of presentations for the 2014 Melbourne conference relating to Multimorbidity.

        Papers on Multimorbidity




        G-I-N 2016 - Additional information


        Multimorbidity WG workshop:


        Multimorbidity WG meeting:








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