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"Guideline dissemination and implementation"

Links to presentations on "Guideline dissemination and implementation" from the 7th G-I-N conference.

Guideline dissemination and implementation

Short oral presentations

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  • Breaking the Barrier: Enhancing ACCP guideline implementation in China (W10)
    • Renli Qiao, MD, FCCP, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Opportunity for guideline developers, implementers and end users to work together to improve guideline implementation (W11)
    • Susan M. Phillips, PhD, NHMRC’s National Institute of Clinical Studies, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    • Susan Huckson, NHMRC’s National Institute of Clinical Studies, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    • Ian Graham, PhD, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Getting to the heart of guideline implementation using social marketing approaches (W12)
    • Catherine Marshall, Independent Guideline Adviser, Waipkurau, New Zealand
    • Marama Parore, NZ Pharmaceutical Management Agency, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Primary prevention in primary care: avoid recreating the wheel (W13)
    • Jess Rogers, Centre for Effective Practice, Toronto, ON, Canada
    • Denise Campbell-Scherer, MD, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Developing quality indicators from clinical guideline recommendations: Learning from the NICE and Duodecim approaches (W14)
  • Key measure attributes: Using the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse Template of Measure Attributes to select measures (W15)

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