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Programme G-I-N 2011

Review the programme at a glance and access a number of the presentations including plenary sessions.

Pre-conference courses

Annual General Meeting

28 August 2011 - Auditorium

Conference programme

More than 35 countries were be represented at the conference during the plenary sessions, workshops, short oral presentations, panel sessions and via the posters.

A number of the presentations can be accessed via this page simply by clicking on their title.

29 August 2011

7.30 - 8.30 G-I-N North America open meeting

Opening ceremony - Auditorium

Plenary 1: "Linking evidence to practice: Guidelines and alternatives"


Parallel sessions

Workshop: The rationale and challenges of developing an implementation taxonomy: A workshop for guideline implementers and researchers
Panel session 1: Health technology assessment to guide clinical practice
Oral session 1: Guideline development - Resource constrained settings
Oral session 2: Guideline development - Appraising and updating
Oral session 3: Evidence generation and synthesis - Appraising and sharing
Oral session 4: Guideline implementation 1
12.30-14 Lunch and poster viewing sessions

Plenary 2: "Guidance in the absence of evidence: what can – and cannot – be done?" - Auditorium


Parallel sessions

Workshop: The GRADE approach to assessing the quality of a body of evidence and the strength of recommendations
Workshop: Development of public health guidance in settings with lack of evidence and lack of time
Oral session 5: Guideline implementation 2
Oral session 6: Guideline implementation - Best practices 1
Oral session 7: Guideline development - Skills and resources 1
Oral session 8: Guideline development - Methodology and best practices 1

Launch of GINDER - Room 1

G-I-N PUBLIC open meeting - Auditorium

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30 August 2011


Plenary 3: "Adapting guidelines for resource-constrained settings" - Auditorium

11-12.30 Parallel sessions
Workshop: Guideline adaptation: making guideline development more efficient and providing opportunities for collaboration
Workshop: Cochrane collaboration with guideline developers: A win-win situation
Parallel session 2: Clinical Practice Guidelines development in traditional medicine in East Asia
Oral session 9: Grading and cost considerations
Oral session 10: Performance measures
Oral session 11: Guideline development - Skills and resources 2
Oral session 12: Guideline development - Skills and resources 3

Lunch and poster viewing sessions

G-I-N Focus Group - Room 4


Plenary 4: "Sustainable guidelines: maintaining relevance to health policy" - Auditorium

15.45-17 Parallel sessions
Workshop: Evidence tables IV: prognostic and economic evaluation templates
Parallel session 3: Quality of life and patient functioning in clinical guidelines: a statement of G-I-N's Allied Health Community
Oral session 13: Traditional Asian Medicine
Oral session 14: Guideline development - Safety and adaptation
Oral session 15: Other guideline development
Oral session 16: Uptake impact and outcomes
Oral session 17: Guideline implementation - Best practices 2

Implementation working group open meeting - Room 6

19 -

Gala dinner - King Sejong Great Memorial Hall

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31 August 2011

09-10.30 Parallel sessions
Workshop: Adaptation of guideline adaptation methodology for guideline development naïve countries
Parallel session 4: Guidelines in Occupational Medicine
Oral session 18: Getting the word out
Oral session 19: Guideline development - Methodology and best practices 2
Oral session 20: Guideline development - Skills and resources 4
Oral session 21: Guideline implementation - Barriers and non-adherence
Oral session 22: Development and implementation in Asian countries

Plenary 5: "Promoting quality of evidence and guidelines in the international community" - Auditorium

Presentation of G-I-N 2012

NHS Evidence satellite meeting - Room 1

How can we drive international improvements in the quality of guideline production?

  • Gillian Leng (UK): "Improving guidance: The NHS Accreditation Scheme"
  • Richard Shiffman (USA): "Harmonisation of Guideline Development Standards"
  • Sara Twaddle (Scotland): "NHS Evidence Accreditation - SIGN case study"
  • António Vaz Carneiro (Portugal): "AGREE"

Asian-Pacific Evidence-Based Medicine Network plenary

15.45-17 APEBMN Parallel sessions

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