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Oral presentations

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Managing Guideline Programmes

Moderators: Jonitz G, Schünemann H

  • Impact of the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)
    Nix M, Tregear M, Simon C, Marshall J
  • Developing National Standards and Guidelines to Eliminate Barriers to Quality Health Care in U.S. Jails and Prisons
    Chavez RS

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Updating Guidelines I

Moderators: Albert U, Burgers J

Implementation: barriers and facilitators

Moderators: Pardo-Turriago R, Slørdahl S

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Performance Measures I

Moderators: Szecsenyi J, Tom G

  • Developing performance measures for commissioners of health care: the UK Commissioning Outcomes Framework
    Stokes T, Sutcliffe D, Lacey T, Shaw E
  • A national programme of guideline based performance measures: the UK Quality and Outcomes Framework 2009–2011
    Stokes T, Sutcliffe D, Lester H, Hutton J
  • The development of patient-centred quality indicators
    Den Breejen E, Nelen W, Schol S, Kremer J, Hermens R
  • Updating Guideline based Quality Indicators. The Methodology of the German Breast Cancer Guideline Development Group
    Follmann M, Kopp I, Klinkhammer-Schalke M, Pottkämper K, Wesselmann S, Wöckel A, Albert US

Guideline development: synthesizing evidence and risk of bias

Moderators: Antes G, Kleijnen J

  • Network meta-analyses in national clinical guidelines: a description and quality assessment
    Stegenga H, Rogers G, Kandaswamy P, Jones D
  • Making sense of complex data: Development of a mapping process to analyse results of a realist review on guideline implementability
    Kastner M, Makarski J, Hayden L, Durocher L, Chatterjee A, Brouwers M, Bhattacharyya O
  • Association between risk of bias and treatment effects in randomized controlled trials in emergency and critical care medicine
    Unverzagt S, Prondzinsky R, Peinemann F
  • The Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation Reliability Study (the GRADERS)
    Mustafa R, Santesso N, Brozek J, Akl E, Schünemann H

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Guideline development: new approaches to special challenges

Moderators: Dippmann A, Slutsky J

    Implementation: Interventions

    Moderators: Davis D, Macbeth F

    • New strategies needed to improve implementation of familial colorectal cancer guidelines
      Dekker N, Hermens R, Elwyn G, Nagengast F, de Wilt H, van Krieken H, Ligtenberg M, van der Weijden T, van Zelst-Stams W, Hoogerbrugge N
    • Does using a sustainability model for guideline implementation on multiple topics in multiple sites make a difference?
      Davies B, Higuchi K, Ellis J, Ireland S, Ploeg J, Murray MA, Taljaard M, Soto E
    • Implementing and assessing evidence-based practices: Can a single framework be applied across different fields?
      Gervais MJ, Chagnon F
    • RCT of a theoretically informed intervention for decontamination in dentistry
      Elouafkaoui P, Clarkson J, Stirling D, Young L, Templeton A, Rutherford S, Ramsay C, Methodology Group T

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    Collaboration and diversity I

    Moderators: Alderson P, Scherer M

    Implementation: Concepts and frameworks

    Moderators: Forland F, Schaffler R

    • Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines: Globalizing the Evidence, Localizing Implementation
      Koster M, Schottinger J, Chan W
    • How a needs assessment can inform guidelines dissemination: A best practice case in atrial fibrillation
      Murray S, Lazure P, Kellner T, Pullen C, Maltais P, Dorian P
    • Reasons for rapid implementation of antenatal magnesium guidelines for neuroprotection
      Middleton P, Crowther C, Ashwood P, Reid S, Bubner T, Bain E, Heatley E, McIntyre S, Morris J, Flenady V
    • A standardised framework for knowledge translation linked to a national guidance initiative
      Young L, Clarkson J, Stirling D, Elouafkaoui P, Templeton A, Rutherford S, Ramsay C, Methodology Group T

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    Guideline development: methodology I

    Moderators: Kaila M, Kredo T

    Patient involvement

    Moderators: Schaefer C, van der Weijden T


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    Quality of guidelines: a matter of methodology and content

    Moderators: Cluzeau F, Kreienberg R

    • Clinical practice guidelines for acute diarrhea in children: methodological quality
      Florez ID, Lozano JM, Contreras J, Sierra J, Granados C, Briceño G, Tamayo ME, Acosta J, Lugo LH
    • Evaluation of the internal validity of guideline recommendations
      Raatz H, Wolff R, Höfer E, Siering U, Kleijnen J, Ruether A
    • Evidence and Recommendations to Support Improvement in Key Clinical Areas
      Harris J, Whippy A
    • DELBI scale validation. Evaluation of Clinical Practice Guidelines
      Sierra Matamoros F, Alba Saavedra M, Peña Torres E, Ibáñez Antequera C

    Guideline development: methodology II

    Moderators: Pwee K, Spies C

    • Intellectual conflicts of interest in the production of guidelines
      Wiersma T
    • Conflict of Interest Policies for Organizations Producing a Large Number of Clinical Practice Guidelines - Not submitted by author
      Norris SL, Holmer HK, Burda BU, Ogden LA, Fu R
    • Public consultation for guideline development: who does, when and how?
      André-Vert J, Couillerot-Peyrondet AL, Scemama O, Rumeau-Pichon C, Laurence M
    • Stories and lessons of 30 years guideline development in The Netherlands
      Burgers J, Kersten S, Rosenbrand K, Van Barneveld T, Franx G, Hulshof C, Van Veenendaal H, Van der Wees P, Tuut M, Dreesens D

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    Tackling Diagnostic Test Questions

    Moderators: Brouwers M, Eccles M

    • Using diagnostic meta-analysis to inform decision making for risk scoring systems
      Dworzynski K, Pollit V, Reason T, Kelsey A, Higgins B
    • Chestpain in primary care: a systematic research programme to support guideline development
      Donner-Banzhoff N, Haasenritter J, Boesner S
    • Effectiveness of quality-of-life diagnosis and therapy according to follow-up recommended by S3 guideline for breast cancer: Results of an RCT on patients with breast cancer
      Klinkhammer-Schalke M, Lindberg P, Steinger B, Koller M, Wyatt J, Hofstädter F, Lorenz W
    • Developments on tackling diagnostic test accuracy recommendations by the GRADE Working Group
      Schünemann H, Brozek J, Mustafa R, GRADE Working Group

    Knowledge Translation: Practitioner-oriented interventions

    Moderators: Al-Ansary L, Service D

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      Collaboration and diversity II

      Moderators: Haeuser W, van der Wees P

      Knowledge Translation: Patient-oriented interventions

      Moderators: Grilli R, Lelgelmann M


      Updating Guidelines II

      Moderators: Fishman L, Qaseem A

      Guideline Adaptation: opportunities and limits

      Moderators: Follmann M, Phillips S

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      Performance Measures II

      Moderators: Nast A, Robbins C

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