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Monday 1 November 2009

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File PDF documentL1 - Transnational collaboration on guideline development.pdf File
File PDF documentL2 - AGREE II.pdf File
File PDF documentL3 - The NHS evidence accreditation scheme.pdf File
File PDF documentO1 - Establishing an evidence dissemination and implementation unit.pdf File
File PDF documentO2 - Using action-types to design guideline implementation systems.pdf File
File PDF documentO3 - Implementation of a Clinical Guideline based on a physician outreach visit.pdf File
File PDF documentO4 - Possible barriers to implementing CPG in Brazilian.pdf File
File PDF documentO5 - Barriers to adhere to the perioperative fasting guideline.pdf File
File PDF documentO6 - Building bridges between guidelines and clinical practice in the allied heath professions.pdf File
File PDF documentO7 - Identification of barriers and implementation of strategies to improve timing.pdf File
File PDF documentO8 - Transnational collaboration in developing and updating guidelines for primary care.pdf File
File PDF documentO9 - The launch of NHS Evidence.pdf File
File PDF documentO10 - Comparison of recommendations from CPG for stroke management.pdf File
File PDF documentO11-Comparing the methods used by HAS and NICE to develop clinical practice guidelines.pdf File
File PDF documentO12 - Healthcare professionals experiences of the automatic decision support.pdf File
File PDF documentO13 - Getting a grip on Arthritis - National Community-based educational intervention.pdf File
File PDF documentO14 - Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy.pdf File
File PDF documentO15 - The effect of guidelines on clinical decision making in Nephrology practice.pdf File
File PDF documentO16 - Infant bronchiolitis follow-up.pdf File
File PDF documentO17 - Utilization of SAGES guidelines by its membership initial analysis.pdf File
File PDF documentO18 - How valid are evidence-based guidelines.pdf File
File PDF documentO19 - The quality of CPG in the last two decades.pdf File
File PDF documentO20 - Updating CPG. Methodological Handbook.pdf File
File PDF documentO21 - When to Update Guidelines.pdf File
File PDF documentO22 - An international survey about the updating process of CPG.pdf File
File PDF documentO23 - A comparative study of patient involvement in cancer guideline.pdf File
File PDF documentO24 - A new method for patient participation in the Netherlands.pdf File
File PDF documentO24 - Public involvement in the development of leaflet for colorectal cancer screening.pdf File
File PDF documentO25 - Consumer engagement for a public health guideline.pdf File
File PDF documentO26 - Australia approach to consumer involvement in the development of.pdf File
File PDF documentO28 - Lessons for optimalization of patient participation in guideline development.pdf File
File PDF documentO29 - We were a group conscience.pdf File
File PDF documentO30 - Implementing evidence-based guidelines to reduce inappropriate diagnostic practice.pdf File
File PDF documentO31 - Fostering the implementation of CPG by training facilitators.pdf File
File PDF documentO32 - Implementing preventive care guidelines in general practice.pdf File
File PDF documentO33 - Perceived barriers to the implementation of clinical practice guidelines - why dont GP adhere.pdf File
File PDF documentO34 - System impact of implementing and using nursing.pdf File
File PDF documentO35 - Prioritising implementation support for SIGN guidelines.pdf File
File PDF documentO36 - Estimating time and costs for guidelines development.pdf File
File PDF documentO37 - Use of language to convey obligation in practice guidelines.pdf File
File PDF documentO38 - Improving decision-makers response to guidance.pdf File
File PDF documentO44 - Using Clinical Practice Guidelines to identify subject areas for quality assurance measures.pdf File
File PDF documentO40 - Synergies through integrating guideline and quality indicator development.pdf File
File PDF documentO41 - Development of a Starter Set of Ambulatory Quality Indicators.pdf File
File PDF documentO42 - Simultaneous Development of Guidelines and Quality Indicators.pdf File
File PDF documentO43 - Development of Quality indicators as an integral part of guideline production.pdf File
File PDF documentWS06 - A training Introduction to AGREE II.pdf File
File PDF documentWS01 - Evidence tables - how to make the data shareable.pdf File
File PDF documentWS02 - Improving participation of allied health professionals and nurses.pdf File
File PDF documentWS03 - Search filter testing.pdf File
File PDF documentWS04 - Evidence can cross borders - can guidelines do the same.pdf File
File PDF documentWS05 - Engaging with consumers around the world.pdf File
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