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Tuesday 2 November 2009

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File PDF documentL4 - A multidisciplinary guideline programme for youth care.pdf File
File PDF documentL5 - Evidence-based management of people with chronic co-morbidity.pdf File
File PDF documentL6 - twelve years of CPG development.pdf File
File PDF documentWS07 - AGREE II Train the TRainer.pdf File
File PDF documentWS08 - Implementation of shared decision making.pdf File
File PDF documentWS09 - Using the GRADE approach in Osteoporosis guideline development.pdf File
File PDF documentWS10 - What tools in the toolbox.pdf File
File PDF documentWS11 - Integrating evidence and recommendations related to allied health professionals.pdf File
File PDF documentWS12 - A quality-driven pragmatic approach to crafting guideline action statements.pdf File
File PDF documentO45 - Cost effectiveness of a general practice chronic disease management plan.pdf File
File PDF documentO46 - COMPUS and CADC - National and provincial collbaoration.pdf File
File PDF documentO47 - From knowledge to action.pdf File
File PDF documentO48 - Are universal factors related to physicians adoption of CPG.pdf File
File PDF documentO49 - eCDS Evidence and Transparency.pdf File
File PDF documentO50 - Drfat clinical guideline Internet consultation.pdf File
File PDF documentO51 - How to identify and bridge gaps between current practice and key reco.pdf File
File PDF documentO52 - How HAS develops audit support.pdf File
File PDF documentO53 - Interspecialty collaboration in the development of guidelines.pdf File
File PDF documentO54 - Just finished developing a guideline how did we do.pdf File
File PDF documentO55 - The last frontier.pdf File
File PDF documentO56 - Translation of Evidence into Practice.pdf File
File PDF documentO57 - Linking primary care and public health.pdf File
File PDF documentO58 - Applicability of CPG on patients with comorbid actions.pdf File
File PDF documentO59 - Piloting a new scoping process.pdf File
File PDF documentO83 - Adapting the ADAPTE framework.pdf File
File PDF documentO60 - Choosing topics for clinical practice guidelines.pdf File
File PDF documentO61 - Finding evidence and guidelines made easy.pdf File
File PDF documentO62 - Rapid HTA reviews and cancer guideline development.pdf File
File PDF documentO63 - Incorporating a systematic review of qualitative studies into CPG on kidney transplantation.pdf File
File PDF documentO64 - Quality of ethical guidelines and ethical content in clinical guidelines.pdf File
File PDF documentO65 - The needs for ethics.pdf File
File PDF documentO66 - Value-based paragraphs in guidelines dealing with ethical perspectives.pdf File
File PDF documentO67 - promoting guideline-based interventions in mental health.pdf File
File PDF documentO68 - Applying social learning theory and a knowledge translation framework results.pdf File
File PDF documentO69 - Guidelines as knowledge translation.pdf File
File PDF documentO70 - Method for the development of national care guidelines in Austria.pdf File
File PDF documentO71 - Involving children in guideline development.pdf File
File PDF documentO72 - Poor agreement on assessing the quality of CPG in France.pdf File
File PDF documentO73 - Teaching Guideline Developers UptoDate guideline methodology.pdf File
File PDF documentO74 - Imprecision - limitations of using GRADE.pdf File
File PDF documentO75 - Current status and quality of CPG for last 10 years.pdf File
File PDF documentO76 - Applying GRADE to included studies in published Cochrane reviews.pdf File
File PDF documentO77 - Combining evidence from randomised controlled trials and non randomised controlled studies.pdf File
File PDF documentO78 - Guideline adaptation in practice.pdf File
File PDF documentO79 - Refinement of the ADAPTE Manual and process.pdf File
File PDF documentO80 - Application of the CoCanCPG-ADAPTE manual.pdf File
File PDF documentO81 - Saving money time and preserving quality of guideline.pdf File
File PDF documentO82 - Benfits and limitations of the ADAPTE process.pdf File
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