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Presentations Chicago 2010

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File PDF documentHubbard, Heddy: American Urological Association’s (AUA) new guideline development process (S38) File
File PDF documentWoolf, Steven: Science, Policy, and Politics in Practice Guideline Development: The Case of Cancer Screening (Plenary Speaker) File
File PDF documentSlutsky, Jean: Communicating Evidence for Health Care Decisions in a Charged Environment (Plenary Speaker) File
File PDF documentMarin, Ignacio: Developing a systematic approach to link CPG and patient safety (S50) File
File PDF documentGuerin, Sophie: Comparison of different methods: aggregating quality indicators issued from guidelines in acute myocardial infarction at discharge care (S116) File
File PDF documentSiddiqui, Faisal: GRADE: presentation of evidence profiles in clinical guidelines (S10) File
File PDF documentSiddiqui, Faisal: GRADE: adaptation of GRADE evidence profiles to different evidence types – a case study of NICE motor neurone disease – non-invasive ventilation guideline (S9) File
File PDF documentFollmann, Markus: Patient guidelines in oncology: A comparison of international standards and methodologies (S57) File
File PDF documentJones, Clare: Experiences presenting GRADE to the Guideline Development Group on the NICE Lower Urinary tract Symptoms (LUTS) Guideline (S36) File
File PDF documentSittig, Dean: Recommendations for Clinical Guideline Developers Regarding CDS-related Standards (S94) File
File PDF documentFleuren, Margot: Implementation of a shared care guideline for the Lumbosacral Radicular Syndrom (S99) File
File PDF documentKilleen, Rosemary: Development of pharmacist-sepcific Diabetes Guidelines (S54) File
File PDF documentRobbins, Craig: Kaiser Permanente Integrated Cardiovascular Disease (ICVD) Risk Reduction Guidelines (S42) File
File PDF documentEccles, Martin: Implementation Science theory & programmes (Plenary Speaker) File
File PDF documentKastner, Monika: The development of a conceptual guideline implementability tool (GUIDE-IT): A qualitative study of guideline developer and end end-user perceptions (S45) File
File PDF documentNauta, Noks: Ethics and guidelines, ethics in guidelines? (S68) File
File PDF documentNielsen, David R.: How and why should a medical society participate with G-I-N? (W4) File
File PDF documentRoss, Murray: An Alternative Approach to Guidelines and Quality Measurement for Older Adults with Multiple Morbidities (S102) File
File PDF documentSaldanha, Ian: Setting Priorities in Clinical Research: Identification and Classification of Research Gaps from Evidence‐based Guidelines (S101) File
File PDF documentSipilä, Raija: Developing quality indicators from clinical guideline recommendations - the Duodecim Current Care approach. Case study: Obesity (W14) File
File PDF documentTaske, Nichole: Stakeholder engagement in the scoping phase of clinical guideline development: Challenges and solutions (S76) File
File PDF documentUllman, Roz: Conflicts of interest – What can you do when things go wrong? A case study (S17) File
File PDF documentvan der Ham, Lia: Patient participation in guideline development. Lessons for optimization: an action research approach (S72) File
File PDF documentWhittington, Craig: Cutting across national boundaries: Using the C-section to promote guidance development (W6) File
File PDF documentHuckson, Sue: Application of a ‘Care Bundle’ for implementation of guidelines (S97) File
File PDF documentHulshof, Carel: Balance@Work: A combined guideline and research project on prevention of weight gain among employees (S31) File
File PDF documentMonteforte, Mark: Key Measure Attributes: Using the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse Template of Measure Attributes to Select Measures (W15) File
File PDF documentWolfkiel, Chris: Low Back Interventions and Opioid Treatment Guidelines: Comparison Between ACOEM and APS (S43) File
File PDF documentWolfkiel, Chris: Occ Med Guidelines Mandated by States – Experience with Rule Making and Regulatory Agencies (S81) File
File PDF documentSchaefer, Corinna: Patient Involvement in Germany – How and when? (S73) File
File PDF documentVonderhaar, Karen: Developing Patient Safety Evidence-Based Care Recommendations to Improve Child Outcomes (S51) File
File PDF documentKersten, Sonja: A tool to structure the process from conclusion to recommendation in a transparent way (S20) File
File PDF documentKersten, Sonja: Cancer survivorship plan in the Netherlands: a guideline for professionals in oncology (S65) File
File PDF documentSparrow, Katrina: How network meta-analysis can aid decision making in guidelines with limited or poor quality evidence (S39) File
File PDF documentFenu, Elisabetta: Combining GRADE, patient reported outcomes and costs in the NICE Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) Guideline (S2) File
File PDF documentO’Mahony, Rachel: Adapting NICE guidance for a developing country: pilot hypertension project with NICE International in Jordan (S15) File
File PDF documentGutterman, David: ACCP Guideline Development: Benefits of Partnering with GIN (W4) File
File PDF documentKetola, Eeva: Indicators and clinical practice guidelines (W14) File
File PDF documentDuplantie, Jean-Pierre: The involvement of stakeholders – ONE YEAR LATER (S55) File
File PDF documentKleinpell, Ruth: The Impact of Education, Audit & Feedback on Improving Sepsis Care Guideline Adherence (S95) File
File PDF documentWahabi, Hayfaa: From evidence to practice in countries where health policy is not evidence-based (S7) File
File PDF documentKristensen, Finn B.: Health Economics in National Guidance (Plenary Speaker) File
File PDF documentWoiski, Mallory: Development of guideline based quality indicators for post partum hemorrhage to improve quality of care (S117) File
File PDF documentHaskell, Lisa T.: Applying the Guideline Elements Model (GEM) Cutter II Tool to Guidelines Represented in the National Guideline Clearinghouse (S 92) File
File PDF documentCowl, Jane: Evaluation of lay people’s contribution to NICE public health guidance (S69) File
File PDF documentLanger, Thomas: German National Disease Management Guidelines Program (DM-CPG Program) (S33) File
File PDF documentGagliardi, Anna: Guideline implementation: systematic review of the role and impact of facilitative intermediaries (S98) File
File PDF documentCheng, Jessica: Evaluating the role, process and impact of self assessment in continuing professional development (S110) File
File PDF documentEl-Ghorr, Ali: Implementation of the SIGN Alcohol Guideline (S96) File
File PDF documentSent, Danielle: Diliguide, a web-based tool for guideline development and implementation (S67) File
File PDF documentFerrua, Marie: Development of Quality Indicators based on clinical practice guidelines (S118) File
File PDF documentHarris, Jeffrey S: Facilitating Due Diligence: Specifications to Improve Usability of External Systematic Reviews and Guidelines File
File PDF documentChan, Wiley: Guideline Implementability Appraisal (GLIA) Tool File
File PDF documentPost, Piet N: Generalizability of results from randomized trials; A systematic overview of possible approaches File
File PDF documentIreland, Belinda: Critical Appraisal of the Multiple Screening Mammography Guidelines : US File
File PDF documentCummings, Kathy: An Integrated Approach to Developing Health Care Guidelines File
File PDF documentSackeyfio, Alfred: Diagnosis: Interpreting evidence in the absence of a reference standard - Two case studies from national guidelines File
File PDF documentMooney, Lewis R: Implementation of the Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma, 2007 (Guidelines) in Suffolk County, New York operated health centers (SCHCs) File
File PDF documentFishman, Liat: What changes when guidelines are updated? Analysis of Chronic Respiratory Disease Guideline Updates from 2000 - 2010 File
File PDF documentHarbour, Robin: Implementing GRADE in an established national guideline program (S21) File
File PDF documentReed, Martin: Involving decision makers in guidelines research: A case study (S71) File
File PDF documentReed, Martin: Assessing the evidence for diagnostic imaging guidelines: going beyond accuracy (W1) File
File PDF documentWorswick, Julia: Rx for Change: Changing professional behavior File
File PDF documentNothacker, Monika: Quality indicators (QI) in German evidence based guidelines (S121) File
File PDF documentMacbeth, Fergus: Rationing or Rationality? Health Economics in National Guidance (Plenary Speaker) File
File PDF documentvan der Weijden, Trudy: Communicating guidelines and evidence to patients to support informed and shared decision- making (Plenary Speaker) File
File PDF documentBurgers, Jako: Medical Societies and G-I-N: A Win-Win Collaboration (W4) File
File PDF documentMarshall, Catherine: Getting to the Heart of Guideline Implementation – Social Marketing (W12) File
File PDF documentFitzgerald, Anita: Validation and modification of the Graphical Appraisal Tool for Epidemiology (GATE) for appraising studies in evidence-based guideline development (S6) File
File PDF documentWensing, Michel: Implementation interventions: what can we learn from research? (Plenary Speaker) File
File PDF documentWeinbrenner, Susanne: Gender analysis of clinical practice guidelines for depression from four European countries: Austria, Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom File
File PDF documentTwaddle, Sara: Web-based adjuncts to guideline dissemination. Novel interventions from the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) File
File PDF documentParnell, Carmel: Challenges to developing guidelines for a public dental service File
File PDF documentEstey, Elizabeth: Adopting a realist review approach to conceptualizing the relationship between the perceived characteristics of clinical practice guidelines and their uptake (S8) File
File PDF documentGaniats, Ted: Plenary IV - A Seat at the Table: The Effects of Consumer Engagement in Guideline Development File
File PDF documentBrouwers, Melissa: eAGREE Training Tool: An electronic educational tool designed to improve a learner’s performance, satisfaction, and self-efficacy with the AGREE II (S113) File
File PDF documentBrouwers, Melissa: Inventory of cancer guidelines: An approach for guideline dissemination, quality appraisal and information sharing (S80) File
File PDF documentBrouwers, Melissa: A new clinical appropriateness tool for practice guidelines: item generation and refinement (W3) File
File PDF documentWestby, Maggie: Less is more -the minimal dataset in reviews for guidelines (S48) File
File PDF documentScott, Ann: Adapting the ADAPTE Framework (S30) File
File PDF documentDickersin, Kay: A Seat at the Table: The Effects of Consumer Engagement in Guideline Development File
File PDF documentWiersma, Tjerk: A new model of guideline development (S47) File
File PDF documentMiddleton, Philippa F.: Rapid development and implementation of guidelines for infant neuroprotection with antenatal magnesium sulphate (MgS04) (S44) File
File PDF documentHarstall, Christa: Just finished developing a guideline: how did we do? A process evaluation (S41) File
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