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Clinical practice guidelines in India: Quality appraisal and the use of evidence in their development. Bhaumik S, Jagadesh S, Ellatar M, Kohli N, Riedha M, Moi M. J Evid Based Med 2018; 11(1):26-39.
Current Resources for Evidence-Based Practice, July/August 2016. Carlson NS. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs 2016; 45(4):e9-e14.
Does a spoonful of honey make the medicine go down? The Lancet. Lancet 2018; 392(10149):712.
European Society of Anaesthesiology evidence-based and consensus-based guideline on postoperative delirium. Aldecoa C, Bettelli G, Bilotta F, Sanders RD, Audisio R, Borozdina A et al. Eur J Anaesthesiol 2017; 34(4):192-214.
Evidence-based scientific exercise guidelines for adults with spinal cord injury: an update and a new guideline. Martin Ginis KA, van der Scheer JW, Latimer-Cheung AE, Barrow A, Bourne C, Carruthers P et al. Spinal Cord 2018; 56(4):308-321.
Major publications in the critical care pharmacotherapy literature in 2015. Wong A, Erdman M, Hammond DA, Holt T, Holzhausen JM, Horng M et al. Am J Health Syst Pharm 2017; 74(5):295-311.
Methods. Sherifali D, Rabi DM, McDonald CG, Butalia S, Campbell DJT, Hunt D et al. Can J Diabetes 2018; 42 Suppl 1:S6-S9.
The Dutch national guideline on metastases and hematological malignancies localized within the spine; a multidisciplinary collaboration towards timely and proactive management. Groenen KHJ, van der Linden YM, Brouwer T, Dijkstra SPD, de Graeff A, Algra PR et al. Cancer Treat. Rev. 2018; 69:29-38.
The Implementation of Targeted Temperature Management: An Evidence-Based Guideline from the Neurocritical Care Society. Madden LK, Hill M, May TL, Human T, Guanci MM, Jacobi J et al. Neurocrit Care 2017; 27(3):468-487.
Updated Hepatitis B Guidance: Implications for liver transplant patients. Verna EC. Liver Transpl. 2018; 24(4):465-469.
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