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Welcome to our project and collaboration board, where G-I-N members are given the opportunity to join working groups, get involved with work within the network and take the chance to highlight their own calls for collaboration to the international guideline community.




Call for members to join our new Guidelines Collaboration Working Group!

The goal of the group is to facilitate learning collaboration and exploration and share best practices actoss the network. The group will share information on the G-I-N website and will be committed to continued co-ordination with the other groups.

If you are interested in being involved or finding out more, please contact the Guidelines Collaboration Working Group Chair, Thomas Getchius at


We are looking for new members now!

Initial perceptions of, and intention to use the CAN-Implement©and CANImplement.Pro© for evidence implementation planning

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12 months  


Phase 1 closed, Phase 2 & 3 will continue into 2018

The  Board and Secretariat are keen to involve members more in the activities of our network, so watch this board for opportunities to suit your skills and areas of interest.  

If you would like something to be posted on the Project Board email Jenna Docherty at

Page last updated: Oct 10, 2018
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