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Webinars & Conferences

Webinars & Conferences

Since January 2012, G-I-N North America has offered a monthly webinar series to explore issues of relevance to the North American guideline community, provide educational and training opportunities, and generate interest in G-I-N, G-I-N North America and related conferences and regional events. Further information about the webinars is available from Mary Nix, Chair Elect of G-I-N/NA and Chair of the G-I-N/NA Subcommittee on Webinars ().

Upcoming G-I-N NA Webinar


To be announced.

Previous G-I-N NA Webinars


PRELIMINARY RESEARCH FINDINGS: what factors influence guideline panel decision making?

Moving from evidence synthesis to clinical practice guideline (CPG) recommendations involves judgment by the guideline authoring panel. In this 90-minute webinar, obtain preliminary results of research currently underway aimed at assessing the impact of GRADE factors on group judgment process vs. individual panel members; evaluating additional constructs that are not formally included in the GRADE system (such as, but not limited to, contextual factors); and, improving understanding of the CPG group decision making (judgment) process.

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More past Webinars can be found on the G-I-N website by clicking here.


Training Opportunity

To be announced.

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