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Webinars & Conferences

Webinars & Conferences

Since January 2012, G-I-N North America has offered a monthly webinar series to explore issues of relevance to the North American guideline community, provide educational and training opportunities, and generate interest in G-I-N, G-I-N North America and related conferences and regional events. Further information about the webinars is available from Mary Nix, Chair Elect of G-I-N/NA and Chair of the G-I-N/NA Subcommittee on Webinars ().

Upcoming G-I-N NA Webinar


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Previous G-I-N NA Webinars

Use of Clinical Practice Guidelines Beyond the Clinical Encounter - How CPGs Impact Policy and Funding

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) are often focused on supporting decisions made between clinicians and patients. However, recommendations from CPGs may be used to guide decisions outside the clinical encounter such as those affecting quality improvement processes, or drug coverage and reimbursement determinations, among many others. This webinar will address the potential role of CPGs on scenarios outside of the point of care.

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More past Webinars can be found on the G-I-N website by clicking here.

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