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G-I-N Asia Regional Group Meeting in Cape Town - September 2017

G-I-N Asia regional group meeting was held on 16th September 2017 during the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town.  Despite the early start, 18 delegates from 6 countries participated.  Local activities in each country were shared, and the possibility of future collaboration in Asia discussed. 

The first topic covered an area that we share a strong common interest in - traditional medicine and nursing guidelines. Traditional medicine is called Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, Traditional Korean Medicine in Korea, and Kanpo in Japan, however, they share a common background and methods, which might enable international guideline development. Guideline development methodology remains poor in this area, however, along with lack of high-quality clinical studies.

A similar situation was reported for nursing guidelines.  Delegates from Joanna Briggs Institute reported their activities in this field, and a lack of high-quality studies was again discussed.  A database of guidelines for traditional medicine and nursing can be developed by collaborative efforts in the regional community.  Collaborations for international guidelines for traditional medicine and nursing was also discussed.

Our second topic was guideline adoption and adaptation.  The importance of contextualisation was discussed among countries, including the Philippines and Australia.  The ADAPTE provided by the G-I-N working group could be an area in which G-I-N Asia can focus on in the future. 

The third topic covered the function of the National Guideline Library (NGL) in G-I-N Asia community.  Countries, such as China, Japan, and Korea, already have such functions, whilst it is still in the planning phase in others.  A link can be provided on the G-I-N Asia website to introduce the sites of already existing NGL’s, highlighting to other countries in the planning phase the importance of establishing NGL’s to their funding bodies.

To move forward we must consider the language barrier within the G-I-N Asia community. An important suggestion was made by a delegate from the U.S. that clinical practice guidelines could be organised as common structures by focusing on the concept provided by clinical questions and recommendations, rather than translating directly from sentence to sentence.

This suggestion was found to be quite important, to make substantial progress and collaborations within the G-I-N Asia community.

Naohito Yamaguchi, G-I-N Asia Chair


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