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At the 12th G-I-N Conference in Amsterdam, the G-I-N PUBLIC working group presented it's updated "Toolkit" on Patient and Public Involvement in Guidelines. The toolkit is designed to support guideline developers by providing international best practice examples of successful consumer involvement.

After the introduction on how to choose an effective involvement strategy, the toolkit currently comprises ten chapters that provide advice on basic issues of patient and public involvement, four of which have been written for the update, covering topics like strategies on how to systematically include qualitative evidence about patient preferences, how to involve vulnerable patient groups or the role of web based technologies. Furthermore, the HTAi interest group for patient involvement Community share their resources and forms to facilitate stakeholder involvement. Read more:

Since its first launch, the toolkit has been discussed with guideline developers, consumers and patient organisations in workshops, webinars and at conferences. The G-I-N PUBLIC working group has learned from these fruitful discussions that it met a need by sharing experience rather that to prescribe what to do. However, these discussions have also revealed further topics that could be of interest for guideline developers or other toolkit users. The updated toolkit addresses these topics.  It will continue to be a living document and will be continuously updated.

The toolkit is freely available on the G-i-N website: for any further question, please contact us! The G-i-N PUBLIC working group c/o office@<>.


Corinna Schaefer

G-I-N Public Chair

Page last updated: Jun 01, 2018
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